It’s important that the ring you wear reminds you solely of love, free of stigma or concern for the circumstances under which it’s materials were mined. Some diamond producing nations have a troublesome history of political and social unrest. While the wars that produced conflict stones have long passed, a responsibility to maintain ethical integrity remains. At Anglo Diamond, we have always sourced our stones from responsible companies and mines far from conflict zones. As a staunch supporter of The Kimberly Process we ensure that each and every diamond that passes through our facilities onto your finger is as pure as your love for one another.


In December 2000, the United Nations created a landmark resolution supporting newly designed international certification systems for rough diamonds. The goal of the process is to eradicate “conflict” stones by preventing all diamonds of unknown origin from entering the market. Today the initiative has 81 representative countries. As a result of tireless work on behalf of the diamond industry and Kimberley Process nations, the diamonds certified by the Kimberly Process now account for 99.8% of the global market.


Today the diamond industry financially supports the African nations in which mining has become a primary source of income. Revenues generated from the production of diamonds are shared in joint agreements with the governments and the local people in an effort to enrich communities and build sounder infrastructures.

Since the 1980’s the tiny African nation of Botswana has been the world’s largest producer of gem quality diamonds. Botswanan President Mogae stated “For our people, every diamond purchase represents food on the table; better living conditions; better healthcare; safe drinking water; more roads to connect our remote communities and much more.” Diamonds account for more than a third of the nation’s gross domestic product which has averaged an incredible 7% annual growth rate. What was once 3 miles of treacherous road is now 4,000 miles of proper pavement with fiber optic cable buried beneath. Diamonds have provided access to better employment opportunities and built healthcare facilities, schools, and the foundations on which they rest.


In these thriving African communities new generations of children are breaking the bitter grip of poverty that has plagued their villages for centuries. Fully funded schools provide scholarships and parents earn healthy salaries allowing their young the opportunity to study and thrive. The perspective of the diamond community and the African people is simple… Let’s grow together.