Anglo International was founded by the Miller family in the mid 1970’s. In the early days our father and son founders travelled the world sourcing rough diamonds from far reaching territories. They then cut and polished them at their overseas facilities. They spent decades trading in the most prestigious organizations, called diamond ‘bourses,’ in Antwerp, Belgium, Tel Aviv, Israel, and New York City.


From the very beginning our company’s success was the result of a tireless effort to create value for our customers. Identifying value is still at the very core of what we do every day in our consumer operations.

In the 1980’s our wholesale business began to attract the attention of consumers who would inquire to purchase diamonds and jewelry direct. Seeing an opportunity to deliver Anglo value to the consumer we obliged their requests. The market responded, consumers loved our wide selection of certified loose diamonds, gemstones, and custom designed jewelry. The rest, as they say, “Is history!”


Hate stuffy, condescending salespeople? Guess what? SO DO WE! That’s why our entire team is NON-COMMISSIONED. You won’t see anyone clawing over your attention or pressuring you to spend more than YOU decide to.

We follow the golden rule and treat our clients exactly how we would like to be treated. We take time to educate, explain, answer questions, and most importantly, LISTEN to what is important to YOU, our valued customer.

Think of our ANGLO team members as your personal jewelry concierge service that helps match you with the perfect piece for your occasion. Whether you’re planning to become engaged or gift shopping for an important holiday or event.
We’re honored that you allow us to mark the special moments throughout your life with a piece of jewelry from ANGLO and we vow to do everything we can to help you along your journey.

At ANGLO, our client care extends beyond your purchase. Our knowledgeable, friendly, on-site jewelers, and service representatives can help you with a wide range of repairs.
You can even see our bench jewelers, polishers, and designers working in our state-of-the-art manufacturing and repair facility through a series of windows adjacent to our showroom service counter.

When it comes to the care of your precious pieces we strive for transparency, professionalism, and uncompromising workmanship.