There are many reasons why you may want to upgrade your engagement ring. Maybe you had a smaller budget during your engagement and you want to switch to something a bit more eye-catching now that you can afford to do so. Or, maybe you thought you’d be happy with the quality of your center stone, but now there are things about it that bother you. Or, perhaps you just no longer love the style of your engagement ring and want to switch things up.

Whatever your reason for wanting an upgrade, there are many ways to upgrade your engagement ring. These upgrade options fall into one of three categories: upgrading your diamond, upgrading your engagement ring’s setting, and getting an entirely new engagement ring.


Upgrading Your Engagement Ring’s Diamond

First, let’s talk about upgrading your engagement ring’s center diamond.


Upgrading in Quality or Size: Focusing on the 4Cs

If there’s something you don’t like about your engagement ring’s diamond, you should think about what qualities bother you and assess which of the Four Cs you might want to focus on when you upgrade.

Problem: Your diamond looks too yellow.

Solution: Upgrade your color grade.

Problem: You see visible flaws in your diamond.

Solution: Upgrade your clarity grade.

Problem: Your diamond looks dull or doesn’t sparkle like you want it to.

Solution: Upgrade your cut grade.

Problem: Your diamond looks too small.

Solution: Upgrade your carat weight.

If there’s no one area that bothers you the most, you may want to consider focusing on the two qualities that will most drastically increase the impact of your diamond: carat and cut.

Switching to a higher carat center diamond is one of the most obvious ways to upgrade your engagement ring. Carat is a weight measurement but, generally, the higher the carat, the larger the diamond. However, cut is also extremely important for how big your diamond looks, which many people don’t realize.

If a diamond has a lower quality cut, it can look dull or dim and it will sparkle less, which actually makes your diamond look smaller than it really is. Choosing to upgrade your cut grade when you upgrade your diamond will have a major effect on both its shimmer and its visual impact.


Switching Up Your Diamond’s Shape

In addition to the upgrading the quality of your diamond when you upgrade your engagement ring, you may also want to consider switching up your shape. Of course, if you’re very happy with your diamond’s shape, you can definitely stick with your original shape and just focus on quality or size when upgrading. But if you want to change your engagement ring’s style, changing your diamond shape can make a big difference.


Upgrading Your Engagement Ring Setting

Now, let’s talk about upgrading your engagement ring by switching up your setting. Switching up your setting can change your engagement ring’s style and how big it looks. And, generally, changing your setting is much more affordable than upgrading to a higher quality or larger carat center diamond, so it’s a great option if you want to upgrade your engagement ring on a budget.

There are endless styles of engagement ring settings you can choose from when you upgrade your engagement ring. You can go with a more vintage setting to get that romantic look, go with a modern setting to get a cool contemporary vibe, or pick a setting with lots of side diamonds to drastically up the glamour of your ring.

Choosing an engagement ring band with side diamonds can not only impact the style of your diamond, it can also affect how big it looks overall. When you add more brilliance to your setting through accent diamonds, the overall brilliance of your ring will increase, which makes it appear larger, even if the side diamonds are quite small.


Upgrading Your Entire Engagement Ring

If you want something completely different for your engagement ring, there’s always the option of getting an entirely new engagement ring. While many people are sentimental and want to keep either their original diamond or setting, if that’s not important to you and you have the budget to fully upgrade, getting an entirely new engagement ring can be a great choice.

If you’re going to switch to a brand new ring, your upgrade options are endless. To get an idea of what you may want to upgrade to, browse our full engagement ring collection.